Thursday, September 10, 2009


Caitlin had her first day of school on Tuesday. She was so excited. As I took her picture outside of school, she couldn't take her eyes off the door. She wanted in. As we entered the classroom, she asked me if I was going to leave. I told her soon and she asked told me I needed to leave now. I love her independence, but do miss my baby. ; )

This year Caitlin has lunch at school and I pick her up at 12:30. On Tuesday, I pulled down plates for she and Jack when preparing lunch and shed a little tear. Where did the time go?

I wanted to stick a note in her lunchbox on the first day of school, so she knew we were missing her and thinking of her. I used my "Treetops" stamp set, textured paper from the Winter Cozy pack and paper from the Making Memories paper pack. I love how the card came out. Inside I wrote, "We think you are tree-mendous."

The yellow piece is pleated. A technique I learned from this blog post at the Studio Calico site. I also used my sewing machine to hold down the pleating and add some texture to the top of the cardstock.

I can't wait to use the "Treetops" stamp set along with the Twitterpated paper pack that is due to arrive at my house on Tuesday! Better order some pictures because I am itching to do some scrapping.

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  1. What a thoughtful and sweet gesture the card was! I'm sure she loved it! Thanks for your kind comments, I think I fixed the link that will take you right to the site for the cone but I purchased it from Magic Cabin (it's only $8 and very sturdy!).

    Hope school goes well, time does fly doesn't it??